VELVET GOLDMINE (1998, Todd Haynes)

Without a shred of doubt my favourite music in films, especially those songs of Thom Yorke. A pretty decent story too, lots of glitter, Eddie Izzard, Placebo and of course, the guys hinting at David Bowie and Iggy Pop who set out to change the world but the world ends up changing them.

DANCER IN THE DARK (2000, Lars von Trier)

Björk’s music combined with Lars von Trier obssesive use of a hundred fixed cameras in the musical scenes as a cure to overcome his “dogmatic” period. The last of the trilogy about women’s sacrifice, brilliant in all respects, I don’t care what anyone says!

THE DOORS (1991, Oliver Stone)

Just because I love The Doors.

+ a bonus documentary: GARGANDI SNILLDSCREAMING MASTERPIECE (2005, Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon). Amazing film about Icelandic music and its connection with the landscape. It just takes my breath away anytime.


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