Films that resemble nothing else you’ve seen:

CREMASTER Cycle by Matthew Barney (1995-2002)

Includes 5 films of different lenght and theme, all of which are mixtures of painting, installation, sculpture and moving picture, illustrating Barney’s interest in…well, basically everything. Sometimes he tries to hint at a story, but mostly he just offers a series of ideas made into incredible images.

SPIKLENCI SLASTI – Conspirators of Pleasure (1996, Jan Svankmajer)

Just as in Barney’s case, here too the uniqueness is given by Svankmajer’s stop-motion slytle, which is amazingly weird and original, creating surreal, sometimes scary, often funny stories. This film is about more or less bizarre fetishes and the people who live with them. It usually comes accompanied by a short film, Food, which is also a must see.

RUMBA (2008, Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy)

The creative trio took the original ideas they displayed in L’iceberg to another, more elaborate level in this charmingly strange story about love and dance. Te result is somewhere between absurd, cartoon, soap opera and performance art.

+ a bonus film: EL TOPO (1970, Alejandro Jodorowsky) – The surreal mystic cult western.


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