3x misdiagnosed gems

Posted: September 8, 2010 in 3x
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These are films that are generally referred to under the wrong genre. Not that it’s important to put them in any genre or category…

REWERS, 2009, Borys Lankosz

A great Polish film that starts out as a light comedy: a young woman in Communist Poland is pressured by her mother and grandmother into finding a “good man” and getting married. The atmosphere seems rather nostalgic and warm than threatening and dark. We are led to believe that we are witnessing a banal everyday story, a sort of history from above. So after a few laughable attempts, Agata finally meets mister right, who is charming, mysterious and drop dead gorgeous. But gradually, we realise, along with out heroine that something is not right…The man is not who he seems. And without even noticing how and when it happened, we are in the middle of a drama. Which is to say that under communism, funny or love stories easily turn into tragedies, and there is really no clear-cut line between private and public life, no realm of life left untouched by the regime, and one doesn’t always know where or who the enemy is.

Låt den rätte komma in (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN), 2008, Tomas Alfredson

Why this is always listed as a horror, is beyond me. Just because a film features some vampires, it does not automatically become a horror, not even a vampire movie. This Finnish gem is about that feeling of being utterly different and out of this world that most of us remember well from out adolescence. It is a sensitive, clever and well-written story of parental sacrifice, friendship and love. It’s about facing new urges that come across us like they were monsters possessing us, and about feeling much older than our age.

BLUEBERRY, 2004, Jan Kounen

So people in this film are wearing cowboy hats, and yes, they have those awful boots, and they ride horses and there and Indians on the set…But this is sure not a Western film. it is rather a symbolic tale of conquer and initiation into a different world, full of mysteries that outsiders cannot come to understand, even with the best of intentions. Because of the hallucinogenic content, some have called it an Acid Western. I like that. The unusual visual style also supports that. And Eddie Izzard is in it!


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