The Annoying, the Owner of Truth, and the Most Disturbing

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Disturbing
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Fortunately, this is not one film. Moreover, this time the annoying is not even a film, but a director and at least two of his films. I am talking about Ken Loach‘s Family Life and The Wind that Shakes the Barley. Wow, it must be so nice to be this clear on complex issues, to know exactly who’s right and who’s wrong… So, things are quite simple: Loach seems to possess some sort of magic device that renders him The Truth, but – darnest thing – there are other people who claim another or the opposite view, but these latter people are idiots anyway, so the audience should not worry about them, as long as they (we) pay attention to Loach explain it over and over again, in as many clichés as possible (for, obviously, the audience in just as incapable of thinking and deciding as a bunch of two-year-old children). Consequently, in The Wind that Shakes the Barley the bad guys wear uniforms and scream all the time, nothing intelligible, just utter violent noises… The good guys are sensitive, reflective, eloquent (though a bit maybe too repetitive), and attacked by the bad guys. But, oh, lord, then the good guys turn on each other! Nobody panick, Loach has a clear-cut opinion on this dispute too, and immediately dresses the guys he doesn’t agree with in uniforms, and they also seem to forget to speak for themselves or have arguments (earlier in the film, when they were still with the good guys, they could speak in full sentences…) and just scream and kill the good guys for no reason whatsoever. Top this all with the biggest cliché of brother killing brother, and you have a memorable guide into how to treat complex matters as simplistically as possible.

The other film, Family Life, basically follows the same pattern, but shares with the eager to learn audience Loach’s views on psychological treatments. While I happen to agree with his stance, it just seems ridiculous to me how the “other opinion” is portrait: those doctors, specialists or parents have no arguments at all, they are just mean and stupid, and out to hurt the main character, for some unknown reason.

To be clear, I don’t think I have seen any other Loach films, and I know he has lots. So I admit the possibility that all of his other films are wonderfully balanced and/or posing some questions rather than showing down some answers on the throats of the audience. It might be.

And, to come to the most disturbing film I have seen lately…Oh, my, A Serbian Film! So it’s supposed to be a political allegory? Might be, but it also features some of the most extreme forms of violence ever to attempt at our retinas. I would strongly suggest everybody to stay away from it. I was actually wondering who the target audience of this film might be…There’s  not much to gain intellectually or aesthetically by watching it (although the cinematography is good), so people looking for a political allegory and just a good film, will be disappointed and definitely disgusted. Then again, if someone just wants gore-snuff-porn-violence, then it might be too much story for them to pay attention.


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