Enter the Void. Exit Noé

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Directors
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While it looks amazing, bold and unique, Gaspar Noé’s latest film, Enter the Void is very disappointing for a complete lack of things to say. It seems like Noé once again skipped over the scriptwriting phase of movie making (in spite of being listed as co-writer with his wife, I suspect they were doing other things while they should have been writing the script). But this time, unlike in Irréversible, this resulted in a weak story, even for a short film, not to mention a few hours of psychedelic images with some ridiculous rambling about reincarnation. It’s a complete triumph of form and style over content, Noé’s masturbation in film technique performed just for the sake of it, just because he can (for example, the first-person perspective achieved is masterful). Which would be no problem, really, for a short film made by a film student who is eager to show what he can do if given some equipment (it seems that Noé had the idea for this project way before the other films). However, for the director of I Stand Alone and Irréversible it is simply not enough. And in addition to skipping the writing part, Noé obviously also skipped casting and editing. Acting fluctuates between bad and terrible, while editing is basically non-existent, it seems that there were absolutely no directorial decisions to it.

The “story” is of a guy being shot by the Japanese police while dealing drugs (and on drugs) in a club and subsequently floating around and above his sister and friends. Although the film sometimes seems to suggest that this is his “soul” visiting and revisiting his life until conveniently slipping into another body, but knowing Noé’s very much insisted materialistic stance, and taking into consideration the title too, it can (and probably should) be viewed as just the drug-dipped visions of a dying man, in which past and present diverge with The Tibetan Book of the Dead, which the guy was reading when he got shot.

I would say this is only for fans, but I suspect, from my reaction, that it would disappoint them more than others.


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