Central/South America

Rojo amanecer (Mexico)

1989, Jorge Fons

In 1968, October 2nd there was a massacre in Plaza de los Tres Culturas, Mexico City. A student revolt turned into a massive uprising against a repressive government, and since there were only ten days till the Olympics that Mexico was hosting, the authorities decided to take matters into their own hands. They gave permission for a peaceful demonstration, blocked all exists and killed everyone on the premises.

Here are some pictures I took there in 2009:

La Zona (Mexico)

2007, Rodrigo Plá

This is the story of a gated community and how far they would go to “protect” their privileges.

XXY (Argentina)

2007, Lucia Puenzo

The compasionate story of a 15 year old hermaphrodite and her troubled family.

La teta asustada (The Milk of Sorrow) (Peru)

2009, Claudia Llosa

Excellent writing, outstanding acting and hunting singing. Fausta is scared of everything and everyone, as she was fed fear with her mother’s milk.

Birdwatchers (Brazil)

2008, Marco Bechis

The Guarani, one of Brazil’s oldest Indian communities, are forced to live in a reservation. And they have the highest suicide rate in the wolrd. This is the story of a small group of Guarani who decide to leave the reservation and settle in a traditional territory that has belonged to white men for several generations. The actors are real Indians with no acting training.

El traspatio (Backyard) (Mexico)

2009, Carlos Carrera

The true story of the border town of Juarez, Mexico where since the mid-90’s thousands of women have gone missing or turned up as sun-burnt corpses in the desert. Here are some details and guidelines for further readings.

El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) (Argentina)

2009, Juan José Campanella

An old, unresolved homicide case stirs up new emotions and memories for all those involved in it.

Japón (Mexico)

2002, Carlos Reygadas

A painter goes up to the mountains to commit suicide and finds some really strange but touching companionship and more…

Batalla el el cielo (Battle in Heaven) (Mexico)

2005, Carlos Reygadas

One of my all time favorite films, I have written about it elsewhere.

Stellet licht (Silent Light) (Mexico)

2007, Carlos Reygadas

Nacido y criado (Born and Bred) (Argentina)

2006, Pablo Trapero

The disturbing story of a man who loses everything and hides because he is unable to die, or to find out what really happened.

Diarios de motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries) (Argentina)

2004, Walter Salles

The story of Ernesto Guevarra before he became Che and when he travelled across breathtaking South-America as a young doctor.

Crónica de una fuga (Argentina)

2006, Adrián Caetano

This film tells the story of a goal-keeper kidnapped by his own government during the darkest period of Argentinian history.

Cidade de Deus (City of God) (Brazil)

2002, Fernando Meirelles

The reverse of a carnival, this is the stunningly violent and frustrating story of life in the most dangerous neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro.

El Topo (Mexico)

1970, Alejandro Jodorowsky

Amores Perros (Mexico)

2000, Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu

A car accident connects three lives, three stories and ends up delivering one of the best films and directors ever to come out of Mexico only to get lost and converted to conformism in the USA.


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