Ex-Drummer, 2007, Koen Mortier

Three completely messed-up, handicapped outsiders decide to form a band and to ask famous sociologist/writer to join them as their drummer. He agrees and starts to manipulate them deeper and deeper into depravation and madness. So who’s more disturbed, a bunch of degenerated maniacs or the cynical intellectual who plays them like bugs?

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, 1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini

The queen of all disturbing movies, it’s supposed to be about fascism, but it’s really hard to concentrate on the more intellectual, political or critical aspects when you feel nauseous. Inspired by de Sade, of course.

Taxidermia, 2006, Pálfi György

This is a brilliant attempt to combine the most grotesque and unusual stories into a family epic. It features a speed eater, lots of cats and an amazing self-enbalming that will be stuck with and haunt you for as long as you live.

13 Tzameti, 2005, Géla Babluani

This is the only Georgian film I’ve seen but if there are more like these, I would go for them anytime. Although I doubt that there are more films like this. It’s not just the story that is unusual (a twisted game of serial Russian roulette for the fun and enjoyment of the rich) but also the unbelievable tension and nightmarish atmosphere created.

Der freie Wille (The Free Will), 2006, Matthias Glasner

The story of a serial rapist desperately trying to be control his urges and get on with his life. He even falls in love, he even gets you to keep your fingers crossed for him.

Funny Games, 1997, 2007, Michael Haneke

Either version you will watch (they are identical, Haneke remade the German version in the States frame by frame) it will throw you off not only by the amount and degree of violence but most of all for the complete lack of a “logic” or “reason” behind it. And when you realize this, it will disturb you more that you would think violence has some logic and reason at all. The story is simple, as almost always with Haneke: a family goes to their cabin and then they just can’t seem to get rid of two young men who enter their house.

Suicide Club, 2001, Sion Sono

I know that Eastern standards for disturbance and violence and somewhat different, but this is not only that, but also an outrageous satire of consumerism and popular culture. The police are investigating random acts of suicide with a smile: entire classes of adolescent girls throw themselves under trains; happy housewives cut their fingers into the family salad, and it all seems to be connected with a silly pop tune.

Cargo 200, 2007, Aleksey Balabanov

A young girl is taken hostage and tortured by a deranged policeman, to such extent that there was a point when I actually wished he would kill her already.


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