Elling – Peter Naess, 2001

Elling lived with his mother till he was 40 and till she died, then ended up in a mental institution, then in a state apartment with his former room-mate from the institute. They are both adorable nutcases, to scared to leave the house, but of course, they will learn through very funny episodes how to open up to the world

Folk flest bor i kina (Most People Live In China) – Various, 2002

Excellent collection of short films, each portraying a political party running in the elections in Norway.

Hawaii, Oslo – Erik Poppe, 2004

Dreamlike, loosely connected stories of different people with some metaphysical undertones.

Salmer kja krøkkenet (Kitchen Stories) – Bent Hamer, 2003

Absolutely charming comedy about scientific observation being complicated by a strange, growing friendship. A Swedish research institute prepares a study to try to make kitchens as efficient as possible by sending out observers to watch people’s kitchen habits in rural Norway.

Frit Vilt (Cold Prey) – Roar Uthaug, 2006

Boring, wanna-be thiller horror about the usual young people stuck in a spooky abandoned hotel.

Den Brysomme Mannen (The Bodersome Man) – Jens Lien, 2006

An allegory of hell presented in beautiful images as the perfect modern city. Except there are no emotions allowed.

Reprise – Joachim Trier, 2006

Witty film about young writers, their loves and blocks.

Kunsten å tenke negativt (The Art of Negative Thinking) – Bård Breien, 2006

A support group for disabled people offers a heartbreaking comedy when they try to force their leader’s method in positive thinking on a cynical newly paralyzed guy.

Nord – Rune Denstad Langlo, 2009

A guy recovering from a nervous breakdown sets out to find his child “up north”, travelling endlessly and meeting all sorts of weird and funny characters. Also contains the recipe on how to get drunk using  tampon.


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